Wing Night – last one in 2020

FRIDAY December 11

Welcome to our 6th COVID-Socially-Distanced Wing Night. This will be the last wing night for a couple of months. We are not planning on nights for January and February right now.

SOLD OUT (sorry)

PLEASE NOTE: Didn’t receive your email with the 4 digit code? Take a moment to check your trash/junk folder but if it’s not there, just let us know. Send an email to wingnight@ildertonlions.org and we will respond. Hotmail and Outlook accounts are especially touchy about receiving emails from us.

It’s getting colder and darker. We are going to make the window for ordering .. 5:00 to 7:45pm. This will limit the number of boxes we can make/sell. Not by much as there wasn’t a large demand between 7:30 and 8:00 but there were still cars and people looking for our wings.

We have four kinds of sauces to offer.

  • Barbecue.  Think of this one as .. mild.  It has a smokey flavour and a great taste.
  • Honey Garlic.  Sweet, sticky .. just like you would expect when you combine honey and garlic. 
  • Sweet Chili.  After the first taste you think ‘that’s nice and sweet’ and then you get a hint of heat.        
  •  Hot. That’s it.  It’s got some heat that’s for sure.           


Stay in your car throughout the process as we will do everything.

It’s getting colder. Middlesex Centre has allowed the Ilderton Lions to access the community Centre in an effort to keep wing nights going. Now when you arrive please loop around the arena as per usual and you will be greeted warmly by our Lion volunteer (he’ll be cold) at the entrance/lane to the front doors of the ICC. Our greeter is just going to make sure you don’t arrive early (no sooner than 10 minutes before) and will double-check order quantity (have that 4-digit number handy).

We have only one lane now and will keep the boxes of wings warm in the community centre until you arrive with crews bustling in and out bringing out your order.

You have two options to begin your journey. MAP We only ask that you don’t drive over the pylons or the volunteers.

Want to help us both out? Go ahead and make a card with your unique order number and hold up to the front window as you come in. You don’t have to of course .. but it does help speed up the process.

You get crisp wings, minimal contact and help us ensure we have supply on hand. Order your sauce (on the side, individual containers) when you arrive at pick-up.

We can/will not be accepting any monies. All transactions should be completed here on-line. You will be given a 4 digit unique number for your order (that’s all you need).

Questions? Either email wingnight@ildertonlions.org or check out our FAQ page for common questions and answers.

Thank you for your support.