Time is running out ..

Remember the window to order for our perch dinner closes Tuesday May 3. There is still room/time slots available for ordering.

Some of the questions we’ve been fielding include

  • you can dine in at the community centre. There will be condiments on the table and the bar will be open.
  • sorry .. no .. we will have tables set up but the Lions will not be managing reservations
  • our chef thinks you will find the meals have good portions. You won’t be disappointed and our Lions will “make sure of it”. Of course 1-piece dinners aim for lighter eaters and the 2-piece dinner is perfect for hungrier appetites.
  • finally .. yes there is a cup of coleslaw with the dinner .. fish, fries, coleslaw and condiments with each order.

To order now please go [here]

Thank you again for your support. All proceeds stay within the community.