The Construction Site Has Been Transformed at Medway

The surrounding area at Medway High School was significantly changed starting in August 2018.

Robuck Construction under the guidance of Stantec Engineering has begun the transformation of the sports field into a modern athletic facility.

Before school started, the front parking lot was expanded to accommodate more student vehicles.

Irrigation modifications commenced.

A new retaining wall between the field and the bus lane way was installed.

The entire construction site protected with wire fencing.

The football goal posts have been installed.


All the elements have been funded except for the latex surface on the high jump area.

We are confident that with the support we have received from the community and especially alumni of Medway, we can get to the finish line in time.

This is a wellness project not just a sports field upgrade.

It is a well documented fact that a healthy mind is easier to teach.

If you get a chance, take a drive by to see, for yourself, the excellent progress to date.

As soon as we can get on the site, I will provide additional pictures of the tremendous progress that has been made. They will be available at our first wing night, Oct 12, 2018. Come out and enjoy some great wings and fellowship and view the Medway Project display.

We are still actively canvassing for additional donations. Contact Lions Murray McDonald, Greg Shewfelt, Brad McGhie, Andrew Jefferies or Bob Mooder if you want to make a donation or use the ” gofundme” utility on this website.

No donation is too smal but charitable tax receipts will be provided for any donation of $25.00 or higher.

Recognition tiles will be placed on the Medway Track site for donations of $ 500.00 or greater. To have your family represented in this way would be a legacy to future generations.

This project is an excellent example of the co-operation between the community and the school administration who have worked hard to make this project a reality.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed with their support especially their financial support especially the Lions Club committee who have spent tireless hours not only fundraising but being involved in the decision process of the design, tendering and construction.