Remembrance Banners

The Ilderton Lions were busy installing banners along Ilderton Rd. in Ilderton. They plan to continue this practice and hope more people wish to remember someone with a banner.

Lion Murray explained that we tried to place each banner where it would have some significance to the individual, or the family. I suspect we will be able to do the same next year. We plan to increase the size of the individual banner as well as the additional ones we will put up, next year. The Lions had just finished installing a banner, outside the bank. That particular banner was remembering Charlie Grieve. Coincidentally, his daughter was walking down the street noticing the banners. It was a very emotional moment for her, when she came upon the Lions installing her dad’s banner.

pictured is Lion Murray McDonald, Barb Mcinroy, Lion Ed Robb holding the remembrance banner
Pictured is (L-R): Lion Murray McDonald, Barb Mcinroy, and Lion Ed Robb