Perch Dinner – May 6 – ordering closed

Our fish order has been submitted and we closed the system at 11:00am today.

What a terrific response to our first fish night.

Over 400 dinners sold.

Lion volunteers will be busy on Friday night.

Just a reminder for those heading into the Ilderton Community Centre –

PICKUP – inside the Community Centre (we will have an inside-greeter) at the window. Still come for your appointment time and the dinner(s) will be ready for you.

Prefer not to come inside? We will have an outside-greeter and will arrange for deliver to your car. You can help by putting this in the instructions when you buy on-line.

If you forget/change your mind, no worries just pull up and we will still be able to pull your order together for you.

Just remember to bring an insulated bag to keep the dinners warm on the drive home.

Thanks to everyone for their support.