Medway Cowboys Return

October 15, 2021 marked the start of the Medway football season after a two year absence while the outdoor athletic facility was being upgraded.

There was excitement in the air as the first football was kicked in a regular season football game between London South Secondary Collegiate Jr. Lions and the Medway Jr. Cowboys.

Jamie Crich, Auburn Homes, alumni and major donor, performed the coin toss. Of course, Medway won the toss and opted to receive.

Also in attendance was a representative and member of the project committee from the Ilderton & District Lions Club, Lion Bob Mooder.

After a hard fought battle, the Cowboys came out on top. You couldn’t have written a better script.

Later that day, The Medway Cowboys Sr. team took to the field to play the South Secondary Collegiate Sr. Lions.

Performing the coin toss this time was Lion Bob Mooder and once again, Medway won the toss.

Although Medway fought hard, unfortunately, they were not able to contain the running success of the Lions.

There were no loses on this day however, just first and second place.

Congratulations to all the teams.

The new facility stood up even in the rain.

The new clock, paid for by the school, was a big hit and got the attention of referees and coaches from both teams.

Although the focus was on the football, the other improvements were in the forefront also.

This was the biggest project that the Ilderton & District Lions Club has funded. This cost sharing project between the Thames Valley District School Board and the Ilderton & District Lions Club included the re-location and installation of new jumping runups and pits, a pole vault runup and pit, the discus and hammer throw area, a steeple chase pit, a new high jump area, the relocation of the field, a new irrigation system and of course a new latex covered 6 lane, with an 8 lane straight, track.

The Lions Club, with the generous support from alumnae and the community, including other service clubs, provided funding for over half of the project.

As a member of the Lion’s committee, it was exiting and gratifying for me to finally see the project completed and the various teams getting to train and compete on the new and improved facility.

We look forward to having a formal opening hopefully in the spring of 2022.