Medway Athletics Enhancement: Update


MIDDLESEX CENTRE – At Firerock Golf Club on September 25th, the Ilderton Lions held their first fundraising event for the Medway Athletic Enhancement Project. This golf tournament raised just over $26,400 for the project.

The Medway Athletic Enhancement Campaign, championed by the Ilderton & District Lions Club is seeking to raise $640,000 to reconstruct the track facilities at Medway High School in Arva, Ontario. Medway High School was built in 1949, originally East Middlesex High School. The name was changed to Medway in 1952, but many just called it the “Arva” School before then. Today, Medway is home to 1200 students with specialty programs in technology, special education and the arts. The Medway Cowboys excel at all levels of athletics, and hold numerous TVRAA, WOSAA and OFFSAA titles.

The Ilderton & District Lions Club is celebrating its 62nd year of service to the community and as a member of the community enthusiastically supports this project.

Pauline Fidler, Athletic Director at Medway High School notes “A new up-to-date track at Medway would be beneficial for both the school and the community.”

“This new track facility would alleviate the need for track athletes to rent space at other facilities and would allow students to use the track earlier in the spring with the improved track surface. Community groups and local elementary schools would also benefit from the new track. Running the local regional elementary track meet would be easier and the opportunity to run other fundraising track meets would be opened up. Medway has a strong history of success in track and field and this new facility would further advance our ability to train and achieve even greater accomplishments.”

“The involvement by the Ilderton and District Lions Club in the field enhancement project highlights how the community and school are inextricably linked. The Lions project is a very visible reminder that Medway is truly a community school that requires involvement from the community to thrive,” adds Medway Principal, Jim Copeland.

For more information, please contact:

Greg Shewfelt, Ilderton & District Lions

Please help us achieve our goal for the youth and other members of the community who will benefit from a successful project.

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