Ilderton Lions Support Library Early-On Years Program BBQ

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019, three Ilderton Lions , Lion President Glenn Phillips and Lions Bob Mooder and George Keeler bbqed over 150 hot dogs at the Ilderton library in support of the early-on Years Program again this year.

The library staff provided the veggies, lemonade and dessert and the lions provided the rest.

Even though it was threatening rain, there was a large turnout and all the hot dogs were eaten. It eventually did rain and quite hard making the bbqing and wrapping a challenge but not an impossible task.

Because of the rain and high winds, the food was setup in the front of the library, eaten inside and the Lions did the bbqing in the rear, sort of protected by a tarp. A student volunteer transported the hotdogs from the rear to the front for the parents and children to pick up.

Unfortunately, with all the confusion and inclement weather, no pictures were taken.