Ilderton & District Lions Club Support Medway High School Tractor Day

On Friday, September 20, 2019, Lions Bob Mooder, Murray McDonald, Clint Smith and Ray Stanfield delivered and setup the two large Crown BBQs at Medway High School in support of its annual tractor day.

This event has been a long tradition at the school and the student participation was great this year with over 25 tractors and other farm equipment on display.

The high school teacher in charge this year was Katie Cole. The students provide volunteers to setup, cook, wrap and sell the food at two lunches, 11:30 AM and 12:15 PM. In previous years, over 1200 burgers were cooked and distributed.

The bbqing team volunteers, under the supervision of the Lions, cooked up a storm and managed to supply approximately 400 burgers for the first lunch period and the rest for the second period.

This year, due to funding constraints, the students had to pay for their food so planning for the numbers was more difficult.

Unfortunately the student support exceeded the estimate and only 600 burgers were bought so some of the students had to miss out. Of course some students bought more than one hamburger.

The weather that day was perfect as you can see from the pictures. Everyone was in a celebratory mood.

Congratulations to everyone who helped to make this event another huge success.