Ilderton& Disrict Lions Club Support Oxbow Public School Track Meet

Picture Taken After the BBQing Was Completed

On Wednesday May 8th,which turned out to be the rain date for the school’s May track meet, Lions Bob Mooder and Jim McNaughton with assistance from Dave Siddall, Bonnie Mooder and Dianne McNaughton, provided assistance to the Oxbow Public School Home and School committee, by providing bbqing support.

And the weather co-operated.

All the food was supplied by the Oxbow Public School Home and School committee members, co-ordinated by Kelly Kennedy on the day of the event.

Home & School Committee Volunteers

The Lions group, co-ordinated by Lion Bob, bbqed the hamburgs and hotdogs and stuffed the buns and presented them to the children for them to add their toppings.

The Lion’s large Crown bbq has the capacity to bbq over one hundred hamburgers in about 10-12 minutes. Adding a few hundred hotdogs to the mix was easy to accommodate with the two bbqers. Lion Bob and Dave did the bbqing and Lion Jim and the others stuffed and distributed the goods.

Although exact numbers are not available, we estimate we cooked 250-300 hamburgers and at least 200 hotdogs.

The Home and School committee volunteers sold and distributed the other stuff, chips, freezies, candy, water etc.

The task was no match for this talented group.

The lineups were steady, especially as each group of students were let out for their breaks.

Of course while this was happening, there was a track and field meet happening with children competing for the opportunity to represent the school at future track meets in the district.

High Jump Area

There were more running events occurring but the bbqing duties did not permit time to get pictures of them.

The Lions Club welcome the opportunity to take part in the school’s various outdoor fundraising activities.

Congratulations to all the participants and our best wishes to those who will continue to compete and represent the school at future meets.