Hurry – Wings selling out

He might be in the car in front or behind. No .. not Santa.

If you get a chance, say hello to Jack Robb, 90 years young, now living in London. Jack is a former Lions member and while no longer active, he remains a long time supporter of the Ilderton & District Lions Club.

Every month without exception, Jack would drive from London and when possible would bring Lion Rocky Robb, to the Ilderton wing nights. Even after Lion Rocky passed away last year Jack continued the tradition and takes an order back for him (bet Rocky eats it, but it’s the thought that counts).

When the format changed due to Covid-19, Jack was one of the first to sign up for wings when we started the event back in July. At the last event he picked up 10 orders, 3 for his daughter, 6 for him and yes, one for Rocky. Jack will be doing the same this month.

The Club is fortunate to have many supporters like Jack who, through their continuing support, allow the members of the Ilderton & District Lions to fulfil their mandate To Serve. Once a LION, always a Lion.

Thanks Jack.

Buy some extra wings this time. The wings freeze well and can be reheated as per the instructions below.

  • Place frozen wings on tray in a cold oven. 
  • Set and heat to 450 degrees. 
  • Remove and serve.