Great response to Fish Night

Over 200 dinners have been sold to in just one day.

5:00pm and 6:00pm are proving the popular times to order but there are lots of other time slots available.

If you are staying in the community centre the tables will be set up and ready. We will have condiments including vinegar and ketchup on the tables along with cutlery (disposable) and napkins. Of course our friendly bar staff will be on hand to round things out.

If you are picking up your order and heading home we will be packing in utensils and condiments. While we encouraged you to indicate pick-up in the instructions no problem if you forgot or plans change. You can pull up to the front of the building and we can hustle the dinner order out to you.

Finally we’ve had a couple of questions on the fries. Yes they are thick home-cut fries cooked in canola oil.

It’s shaping up to be a great meal.

Please remember that our on-line store closes Tuesday night (May 3). Please don’t wait to order.

Thank you for your support.