Fish Dinner – May 6

The Ilderton and District Lions are offering a fish dinner. Customers will be getting a fabulous dinner with perch (either one piece or two pieces) fries and coleslaw.

  • 1 piece dinner (perch, fries, coleslaw) = $12.00
  • 2 piece dinner (perch, fries, coleslaw) = $16.00

The perch is going to be from and cooked on-site by Craklins Fish and Chips.

The Lions will be booking the number of meals in advance so only on-line orders will be available.

Sales will be closed on May 3 at 5pm.

Please go to [here] to order.

To pick up this will be as speedy and flexible as possible.

  • order on-line, come into the community centre, meet the inside greeter and pick-up and sit down (bar is open) or take home (your choice)
  • order on-line, stay in your car at the community centre driveway, meet the outside greeter and we will bring the dinners to you

All proceeds stay within the community. Thank you for your support.