First Covid Wing Night A Huge Success

Thank you Ilderton and community for a great night selling wings.

This was at or near record wing sales for us. Our cooks worked overtime to get out this much product.

Under the watchful eyes of the staff from Middlesex Centre, the London Health Unit, and others we worked to meet all the expectations for physical distancing while maintaining food health standards. We think that was achieved.

Our goal was to get wings from the fryers, to the curb, to your car and home in as little time as possible. We wanted you to have crisp, fresh wings to eat like you had just walked over to the dining room. We think that was achieved.

One of the expectations for an event like this was to minimize interaction by offering a pre-order opportunity. Removing one point of interaction would indeed make this event safer for all. This was new for the Lions. We did this and it resulted in the unexpected benefit of more sales than we forecast. Better planning too was a benefit and it allowed people to move throughthe pick-up process in minutes.

Although we set aside capacity for drive-up orders, the on-line orders swamped our system in the last 24-48 hours. Order quantities doubled on average for this format. Some families combined orders and made the evening an event. We had a decision to make and announced through social media that we were sold out.

We will also be announcing the next date(s) given the terrific response shortly.

Thank you for your support.

What a great community we live in.