Final Wing Wing Night A huge Success

On May, 10, 2019, thanks to the continuing support from the community at large, the Ilderton & District Lions Club had its best wing night since the idea was first introduced to the club, about 4 years ago. This event has developed into a family-oriented, social get together which we are pleased to host.

The quantity of wings sold had more than doubled in that period of time. It has grown from approximately 40 boxes to over 100 boxes in one night, representing over 8000 wings sold. We had many first time subscribers who we are sure will be back.This achievement has been made possible by the design and build, by one of our own, Lion Dave Howald, of a unique self contained, covered fryer trailer that contains a propane distribution system to feed 7 individual fryers. The cooking staff, co-ordinated by Lions Dave Howald and Rick Graham, number approximately 8 and include many of our new members.

There are a lot of other people to thank but mostly the co-ordinator of the event, Lion Ed Robb, who took over the chairmanship from Lion Geoff Siddall part way through the first season. From the start of his tenure, he has shown exceptional leadership in getting all the club members to support the event. The sales responsibilites were performed primarily by Lion spouses, Karen Robb, Mary Walls, Sue Reeve and Chris Hogan. There are many sub-committees also, the children’s craft area co-ordinated by Karen Robb and supported by the Medway High School students; the bar, co-ordinated by Lion Richard Lucas; setup, co-ordinated by Lion Bob Mooder and the kitchen, co-ordinated mostly by Lion Andrew Jefferies, The audio visual equipment was part of the setup responsibilities.

During the year, all these positions were supplemented by a great group of talented, hard working Lion volunteers who ensured the event became the success that it has. It takes approximately 35 volunteers for each wing night. For some of the volunteers, the day starts at 8:30 in the morning ( setup) and ends after 10 PM at night ( cleanup).

This year we, on a trial basis, introduced the opportunity for a limited amount of advertising using door prizes. The two sponsors were Walker Hall and Upper Richmond Optometry. We thank them for their support and participation.

As with every successful event, it comes time to pass the baton to a new leader. At the start of the next Wing Night season, Lion Brendan Calafranceschi, a new member, will assume the responsibility for the chairmanship of this event.

Lion Ed Robb ( left) Lion Brendan Calafranceschi ( right)

All the profit from these wing nights is put back into the community through our support of special projects, like a park in Timberwalk, various youth sports groups, other children and youth support needs, school choirs, seniors needs, like VON, support for Lion’s International charter groups, like the blind, diabetes, and international relief programs.

The Ilderton & District Lions Club is proud of its past achievements and is continually looking at new ways to achieve our financial goals going forward. If you are interested in joining our team, contact us through the website or directly through any of the members mentioned in this article.

Thanks for everyone’s support.