A message for all the students in our community from the Ilderton and District Lions Club.

The last 16 months, since the time the Covid virus was first identified in Ontario, have been difficult for everyone but especially for you.

Throughout this time period there have been many changes that you have had to accept and do your best to accommodate. Your resilience has been nothing short of remarkable. Your patience and understanding has not gone unnoticed.

Not all of you have been able to handle these changes the same way but you have done your best to cope for which you are to be congratulated.

Of course your parents have been affected also and we, as a community, want to thank them for their patience and understanding. They have had to become teacher’s aids in addition to their other demanding obligations.

We thank them for their resilience and dedication to ensuring their children, you guys, were helped as best they could.

Finally, to all those students who graduated this year who have been unable to do what so many of us and others have been able to do before you… publically celebrate your achievements with a graduation event.

We share your frustration and disappointment.

Please know that your achievements have not gone unnoticed and we, the Lions Club members, would like to add our congratulations in addition to those you will receive from your family and friends.

What you have accomplished, in spite of the challenges that the pandemic threw at you, is nothing less than remarkable and each of you should be proud of what you have done.

We hope, in the near future, that you will be able to return to a more normal life style where you are able to live and learn in a less complicated and challenging environment.


To the Ilderton and District community, let’s demonstrate our support by attending the Drive-by, Graduation Parade on June 26th in Ilderton at 7 PM.