Chicken Ribs Ordering – only days remain

Over 90% sold.

On Saturday June 26 we want to make dinner for you.

BUT .. we have only days left for keeping our on-line store open. If we don’t sell out .. and we might .. June 18 we will be closing the site and putting in our (large) order to PineRidge Catering. PineRidege is the same catering company that brought in all that delicious food to Ribs and Tails. The ribs and the chicken done to perfection. The Lions will be cooking potatoes and making coleslaw and pulling together the orders.

Click [here] to order.

We’ve added more people to the winners list for dinners.

There are still spots available in all but a few time slots. You will need to book an appointment time to order. By booking ahead you are helping to smooth the line. The wait time should go down, you get the meal around the time you want, the driver isn’t idling longer than necessary and well, you get the idea. Please don’t come any earlier than 10 minutes before your appointment time.

Remember your support means a lot to us. All monies raised stay in our community.