Chicken Rib Draw(s)

Every 25 orders we are going to pick a winner of a free dark combo dinner. We don’t have to do this, we want to this. We are going to do our best to create an event and not just offer a great meal. In just the past few days, the following names were chosen and will be refunded a dinner.

D. Wheatley
S. McCallum
L. Liddell
B. Kraus

More will be selected as we move towards the last day to order June 18 and we will post them here and send an email letting you know too.

But wait .. we aren’t done yet.

We will also be having random draws for beer (coupon .. not the cans) for the drivers when they come to pick up. As well we are reviewing options for a 50/50 draw (stay tuned).

To date sales are great and chicken and ribs still available to order, although some of the key time slots are full, so order before they fill up.

Click [here] to get started.

Thank you for supporting the Ilderton and District Lions.