Oxbow PS ” All You Need Is Love” Event

On June 7, a fundraiser event to raise money to provide school uniforms to a school that does not have the financial support that Oxbow PS does. The name of the event is ” All You Need IS Love”. It is a 4 on 4 basketball tournament that makes good use of the funding supplied by the Lions to buy basketball stations in the school yard.

The event had to be re-scheduled because of weather but the Lions were able to find members able to support the event. Lions Bob Mooder, Boyce Powell, Rob Andrews and Jim Reeve provided the services needed to keep the lines manageable.

They cooked hotdogs, hamburgers and sausage from 3 – 5:30 PM, non-stop.

From the looks of satisfaction on the faces of the customers, I think they did a great job.

Included in the event was a live auction of paintings drawn by the students at Oxbow.

Another great, successful day. Although, I haven’t heard what amount was collected, some very deserving school, without the financial resources available to Oxbow students, will benefit from the generosity and support of the Ilderton Oxbow PS family support.

A lot of action in a short period of time but thanks to the different volunteers in the club, we managed to support all three events. Thanks to everyone for their support.