District Lions Support VON

The van that the VON volunteers use to transport people to and from appointments, etc. had reached its end of life at 10 years and had to be taken off the road. Lion Jerry Veale of the Mount Bridges Lions enquired if the Lions and Lionesses clubs in the area were interested in providing a donation towards the purchase of a new van.

Word quickly spread and within a month the new van was purchased. Donations exceeded the the estimated cost of the van to the point the VON were able to purchase extras, such as individual seats to assist entry and exit from the vehicle, heating and ac to the passenger area of the vehicle, mounted winter tires and an extended warranty.

Donations were provided by the area Lions, (including our Ilderton and District), Lioness clubs and individual donors. The VON demonstrated their appreciation July 19, 2017 at their offices at 274 Head Street Strathroy Strathroy.

The Ilderton and District Lions were represented by Lion Rich Lucas and Murray McDonald